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The Adventure Award rewards a horse trip in France or abroad with a price of 3000 €.

You are more and more numerous to send your participation files and some already show a certain originality.

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Randonner a Cheval

General mobilization!

The horse world is booming.

You just have to walk in the French countryside to see the abundance of horses in the meadows, riding on a horse is wonderful, now imagine combining that with trekking in morocco or to take a look at the federal statistics, and especially the figures of the licensees who ranks third among sports federations. One can not help but think that this success is favored by the current taxation. The "return on investment" for the state, it is a horse industry that is doing it alone while all other sports are subsidized; it is also thousands of jobs created and sustainable businesses. In our time, there are few activities that can boast of such success!

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  • Festival d'Abrivado
  • at de la Mer
  • From 02 Nov to 05 Nov






  • Salon Cheval Passion
  • En Avignon
  • From 18 Jan to 22 Jan






  • Rallye du vin chaud
  • le nord des Deux sèvres
  • From 07 Mar to 11 Mar






  • Translayon
  • Près d'Angers
  • From 04 Jui to 08 Jui



Reda Sabti

i will give Randonner a Cheval the only 5 stars because they deserve it, not only that but i think i will stay a loyal member of the club.

Jason Gardner

wow just wow, i didn't thought that i will enjoy the hiking with Randonner a Cheval i will be back again soon so i can enjoy hiking..

Kate Spencer

i heard about Randonner a Cheval from a friend of mine i was skeptical at first but then came the unexpected, an unforgettable experience.

Rachid Al Fadile

healthy horses, beautiful landscapes, good trainers, if you're searching for a horse club your search is done.

Ralph from Germany

i have spent 3 hours driving from germany to france just for Randonner a Cheval, and let me tell you, worth every penny and every minute.

Nancy UK

if you love horses then Randonner a Cheval is the place where you will find fellow horse lovers.

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